Entry Level Laptop
Day: R195
Week: R495
Month: R825

High End Laptop
Day: R350
Week: R725
Month: R1095
Day: R210
Week: R460
Month: R785
Day: R180
Week: R390
Month: R695
Tablet Stand
Day: R170
Week: R365
Month: R625
Day: R90
Week: R195
Month: R380
Other Office Equipment
A wide variety such as projectors, servers, telephones etc available. Please provide your requirements.

If you would like our sales team to contact you please leave your details.

Why choose Instant Mobile Solutions for your

Short term & Long term rental needs?

  • Friendly & Quality Service
  • Superb quality rental equipment
  • Flexible time-frames
  • Unmatched client services
  • Unmatched delivery services
  • Prompt service and quick response to your quote
  • Reduced paperwork and faster turnaround times
  • Equipment customised and individually prepped .
  • Punctual delivery and  pick-ups
  • On-going  Technical Hardware Support

Why Rent?

Installation to your specification within 24 hours or less

On site maintenance and support, or replacement systems dispatched within 4 hours. Our computers are always ready to go and fully supported by qualified technicians.

Choice of the fastest and most powerful systems from all the major IT manufacturers.

Financial Sense
Conserve valuable working capital and improve the liquidity of your company by investing in resources more important to both growth and security. Rental payments can be deducted from taxable profits, reducing the net cost.

Changing technology within the computer industry renders equipment obsolete very quickly; rental removes the risk of a long-term commitment to obsolete technologies.

Rented infrastructure is hassle free – giving you the performance without the headaches.

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